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# 1 The map-change limbo
01-24-2012, 09:55 PM
Trying STO again. I thought after all this months and transition to F2P this would be fixed. Nope.

Whats that all about you ask? Its about that nearly every map-change the UI gets frozen/unresponsive. I can see other players fly, walk and fight while iam stuck in the limbo.

This limbo experience can last from meager 10 seconds up to 2, 5 or 10 minutes. Getting even disconnected from the game because of forced idleness.

I tried all the tweaks with no results, trying proxys, changing my router, updating all drivers, bashing the firewall and antivirus as well as yelling at my cat.

And yes i only get this while playing STO.

Is there any needful advice or suggestion to solve this problem, or even awarness of it? Please spare me with tracert and nettest gibberish.

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