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# 1 Dominion Wars Galaxy
01-24-2012, 11:17 PM
I was watching DS9 and thinking about how weak in game the Galaxy Class is combat wise 1 lt tactical station. During the Dominion War from what we saw from fleet battles (season 5 onwards) not a single Galaxy Class was destroyed and they were the only other Federation ship onscreen shown to make a kill Defiant being the other one
The Captain Level Galaxy should have been the explorer/engineer ship and how the current retro fit is and the Retro should have been a Battleship with this lay out

4 fore and aft weapon slots
4 engineer consoles
3 science
3 Tactical

2 x lt tactical or 1 x lt commander Tactical
1x commander engineer
1 x lt command engineer
1 x lt science

drop the ensign engineer slot.

Or better yet keep the same configuration but still drop the ensign engineer slot and go this way

1 x lt tactical
1 x commander engineer
1 x lt commander universal slot (can be used for engineer/tactical or science)
1 x lt commander science giving the ensign engineer to science

Whats peoples thoughts i want a Galaxy not a Galaxy-x that is not a liability in PvE Elite runs.

The Galaxy was a beast during the Dominion War forget the Oddessey that was pre-war tensions

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