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01-24-2012, 07:15 PM
i found this out just by screwing around with my klingon

vor'kang battle cruiser refit
polaron mkXII cannons up front (for the 180 arc and dps)
three polaron beams and a tetryon turret
yes i said cannons on a cruiser and thats four(4) cannons
i tried it with antiproton but it didnt feel right to me
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 12
01-25-2012, 12:53 AM
Originally Posted by sprero View Post

Sci Team 1, Hazard Emitters 2

Good for all round heals and cleaning off debuffs. If you don't pvp you can swap the sci team for something else like Polorize hull if you go to Kerrat or a hold if you do STF's
Hazard Emitters isn't just good for PvP. On top of being a MASSIVE hull HoT (especially if you add some power to aux, my Adv Escort can basically heal itself to full with one use of HE1 with aux at 100), it can make borg cubes almost trivial to kill: the borg shield neutralizer is apparently a hazard debuff.

Puts out Undine plasma torp fire, removes the borg shield neutralizer (meaning you can actually HAVE shields against them, even in an escort), and even lets you sail right through ejected warp plasma like it wasn't even there (so long as you activate it BEFORE you fly in. It doesn't work nearly as well if you're already dead in the water for some reason).

A very neglected skill, in my opinion.

Polarize hull isn't bad, mostly for the tractor/repulsor beam immunity(the resists kinda suck without some power in aux, in my experience, and the heal is a fraction of HE's in any case), but those are less of a concern for a cruiser to begin with, since you move like a giant space whale anyway(which makes repulsior more annoying than tractor).

My escort uses AP: Omega instead, because it's a very powerful tactical skill in its own right and gives me a slot for HE as well.

My cruiser is built around emergency power to weapons and shields. They each set off a 30 second cooldown on their own EP type and 15 second on the other types, so you can chain two of the EPs constantly if you use up four slots for it. Gives you a metric ton of power to play with, on top of your natural strength there: In full on-attack mode it can pull 125/121 weapons, 125/120 shields, 54 engines, and 67 aux.

Career is really important though, since for example engineers get a few built in self repair abilities, so yeah, it'd help if you told us that.

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