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# 1 Enterprise-f's story
01-24-2012, 09:02 PM
i know i can't truly do justice to the name enterprise-and the dev's may have other plans for the enterprise.

so i present my best attempt to show the story of the next ship to bear the great name-Enterprise!

i'v avoided using names as much as possible-as people's names are shown,i will make adjustments.

(to the devs reading this,please let me know if u give me full permission to make the names myself)

i also spaced out the lines so it is easier to read

-chapter 1-


(captain)"you are to call me captain,ensign"

(ensign)"yes sir,space has cleared us to depart"

(captain)"very well. i want to test this quarter impulse until we clear space dock,then 1 lap around the star base at full impulse."

enterprise's elegant engines take her around the star base with purpose in her movement,completing the lap easily

(a light shutter on the bridge)

(ops)"engineering reporting-they have not worked out the kinks in the dampeners yet captain"

"captain to engineering-i need that fixed as soon as possible"

"9 of 10 reporting-we will have the issue fixed momentary captain"

(captain's thought) "a Borg on board the ship-great......"

(ensign) "sir we are being hailed by the ship hell rider"

(captain)"on screen"

(hell rider)"this is the hell rider-vice admiral billy reporting-we have a mission from star fleet for the both of us."

(captain)"let's hear it"

(hell rider)"there is a strange reading coming about 20 light years from deep space nine,we are to check it out."

(captain)"a perfect shake down mission. i am assuming i have command of this fleet?"

(hell rider)"the hell rider is to watch and help if needed.just act like we are not even there"

(captain)"a observer eh? seems like a waste of time for a modified galaxy class star ship."

(hell rider)"a chance to watch a enterprise at work is not a waste of time to me.-hell rider out"

(captain)"let's get underway ensign. warp 9 to that reading"

(ensign)"yes sir warp 9.hell rider is matching our course and speed."

(captain)"very good ensign. number 1 you have the bridge.i'm going to check out my ship."

"yes sir."

strolling through the ship, he looks at the ship's mighty warp core.he is going to check out sickbay.....


"bridge to captain,the true way are attacking!"

-end of chapter 1-
i will release the next chapter tomorrow thanks for reading!comments welcome.
if u notice any errors that got past me,let me know :p
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# 2
01-25-2012, 07:55 AM
-chapter 2-
(captain enters bridge)
"i'm reading 20 fighters and 1's a Klingon ship!"
"scan the carrier and see if it is stolen"
"your correct sir,and the Klingon have on record they want her destroyed"
(9 of 10 enters bridge and takes up a engineering console)
"sir,the hell rider is hailing us!"
"on screen!"
"this is the hell rider,we will deal with the pests.i dont want to see the paint on your ship damaged yet"
"very well captain"
"hell rider out."(screen shuts off)
on screen,the hell rider begins engaging the fighters,but it's sheilds are taking a beating
(9 of 10) "captain,the hell rider has a 12% chance of surviving this encounter."
"thank you nine,but i dont need the odds.the enterprise has never backed down from a fight,and it wont start now.
full impulse ,takes us towards the carrier.tell the hell rider we will engage the carrier and for them to join us as soon as they have moped up those flies"
"yes sir-hell rider is responding-they will do as you say."
"are we in range of the carrier?"
" range!"
"photon torpedoes,max power and spread! fire phasers at will!"
"torpedoes away,firing phasers!"
6 torpedoes coming screaming out of the enterprise, a menacing look about them.phasers fire from the ship,pounding the carrier's shields with a furry worthy of a enterprise.the torpedoes hit their target true,and 1 manages to get through the shields,making a massive hole in the side of the former Klingon's side.crew and objects float into space,making her look like a wounded animal. enteprise zooms right past the carrier at full impulse.
hell rider,having taken out the fighters,makes it's run at the fires 4 torpedoes,and manages to keep pace with them.they penetrate what little sheilds the carrier has,and hit their target where it hurts-the bridge,both bays and their core.zooming past,hell rider takes a hit to both nacelles as the carrier explodes.
"sir,the hell rider is hailing us"
"on screen"
"thanks for the help enterprise,that was some nice shooting.looks like we wont be joining you for the rest of the mission.deep space nine is just 7 light years from here,so we will be fine."
"very well captain,may you find your way to safety with no more trouble."
"thanks of luck-hell rider out"
"ensign,resume our heading and speed."
-end of chapter 2-
comments welcome

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