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Having returned to free-to-play and seen the STFs not taking hours anymore, I wanna do some light grinding on for the space STF gear. On my SCI I got a little problem: I want to do something else than use a cannon bop. I got a tac klingon in guramba and a tac fed in MVA escort to do that same kind of gameplay (which gets kinda old), so I want to use either a carrier or a gorn sci ship.

However, it seems everyone just wants more dps in these, and a heal-based voquv just seemed to get one-shotted by the tac cube the one time I tried elite infected. How do I build an efficient sci ship or a carrier for these? The ships I want to use are either Voq, Kar'fi or Varanus.
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01-25-2012, 01:45 PM
Karfi builds here:

And there is no build in ANY ship that can prevent the one shotting in elite STFs. When you see damage numbers of over 400,000 - you are going to die.
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01-26-2012, 01:54 AM
A Vo'Quv also does the Job. It takes time to get used to it, but after that, its real fun.
Also you can do a lot of nasty things with it, goes from team support up to tank a tac cube on elite using the power siphons.

The only contra here is, that your pets wont attack neigther tha transformers, nor the gateway, cutting of a lot of dmg from you against those things. (Cryptic is aware of this, since 2 months already, but no response up till now -.- )

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