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# 1 A short(ish) hello...
01-26-2012, 02:30 AM
After seeing the advertisements that Star Trek Online would become F2P, I became interested in what this game was like. I do not play on-line games that much, but space games have always been close to my heart. Star Trek Online hasn't disappointed me thus far. Sure, there are some aspects that could have been better, more elaborate or better executed, but I like the current options and atmosphere, it is Star Trek.

It took me a little while (about 17 levels in the last week or so) to get to grips with the fundamental mechanisms of the game, mixing trial and error with looking up information on this and related websites. I don't hold any illusions that I have still some way to go to understand the more intricate game mechanics, but all the terminology, buttons and references are starting to make sense. Furthermore I enjoy how other players seem to know how and when to help out during (minor) battles, makes me feel I'm not fighting all by myself with nobody caring what's going on around them. Whether they actually do is irrelevant to me at this point.

Yesterday I went through some of the FAQs and player's recommendations and decided to put some money into the Star Trek Online account. I am not yet convinced that a Gold account is for me, but I am actually considering that as well.

This has so far been a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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