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# 1 F2P Era C-Store
01-26-2012, 10:12 AM
I played sto at the start for 3 months before going on to other games, but i have come back to give it another go with the F2P system, So far in the nearly 2 weeks i have been back i have spent overer 60 Bucks in the C-Store.

Now to be Honest i would probbly Have spent more or would spend more in the future if the Pricing of items was better.

Now i have no problem paying the 1600 for my Vulcan Science Vessel absoloutly love it, but with other smaller items like when im looking through changing my characters outfit, each item costs too much EXP. i see a pair of boots i want for my character but it costs like 400 credits, its just a pair of boots. Now i no some gear comes in packs but if you had the option to buy that said item at a lower price on its own for like 60 credits or somthing id defnetly be spending more.

So does that make sense to anyone else?

at 400 credits or so for 1 item i wont buy.

But if each item was lower at maybe 60-80 credits per item id buy probbly a whole set of gear,

On a personal note can we get some Headgear or somthing surely they have hats in the STO univers lolz

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