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# 1 C-Store Item suggestion:
01-26-2012, 12:36 PM
I would very much like to be able to purchase level based weapons at the C-Store. Weapons that have their DPS increase as you level up, so that they match the Blue item DPS of weapons available to that character at whichever level he/she is at.

Please offer these energy weapons for both Beams and Cannons! I would like to see at least the following:
Refit-Blue Phasers

Particle (Neon yellow, Neon light blue)

Letís face it; people often only equip certain types of weapons because they like the color. I think the particle weapon type will go over well because particle weapons are the most basic weapon type of energy weapon in Star Trek lore. They should only do direct damage! No other perks. Maybe dmgx2 added for the lack any other effect.

Why I think this will go over well? First, it should be very easy for Cryptic to add items such as this to the C-Store because they mostly are already developed.
Secondly, for us players, we can finally get the colored weapon types we love while in the meantime working for those purple items we want.

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