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# 1 Auction House ~ Scams
01-26-2012, 12:45 PM
There seems to be a little AH scam going on right now...


Someone places 2 x Very Rare MK X Quantum Chamber on the AH for say 500,000 EC

Then places 2 at 100,000 EC

When you go to sell yours, you probably place it at 95,000 EC to be cheaper. It's then snapped up and placed back on the AH for 500,000 EC by the person that's manipulating the sales.

Yes it's my choice what I sell something on the AH at, but if you let us know who the sellers of the items are before we buy them, it would be an easy way to spot these scams.

If I saw the same person selling 2 chamber at 500,000 EC and the same person selling 2 at 100,000. I would know that person is trying to use this scam to get cheap items.

I really hope you read this post and give the idea some thought, many, many mmo, let us know who the sellers are of itesm before we purchase them. You send us email telling us who brought our goods please let us now who we are buying from before we buy.

This would also help with fleet management too. It would let people see if someone if taking 'expensive' items from the fleet vaults and placing them on the AH rather than using them.


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