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I have more than 10 BOīs (Bridge Officers), but I still have about 4 empty slots to assign new once. Now I want to give one of my Officers to one of my Fleetmates, to train him Torpedo High Yield, because I canīt train that, I am an engineer. Now he trained it and wants to give him back to me. Not possible, because it says I have no room. I have 4 empty slots! Fix that please, or I wonīt be able to fly my defiant class with tropedo High Yield anymore.

What is the point of beeing able to fly any kind of ship, if you canīt trade your Bridge Officers anymore to train them good BOabilitys?

People who have less that the normal 10 BOīs wonīt have that problem. Only the once that bought additional BO SLots from the C-Store for Money.
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01-27-2012, 06:44 PM
I'm sorry, I tried transferring a BO to another player recently, and was able to do so, after training them in Emergency Power to Shields 3. In that case I got the same message, but he didn't have an open bridge officer slot. After he bought another two slots, he could accept the trade, and everything worked fine.
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01-28-2012, 12:53 AM
There are two kinds of BO transfers:

Comissioned and Uncomissioned.

Uncomissioned (the ones to the right of your Stations Tab) BO's are as simple to transfer as just drag and drop into the trade window.

The Comissioned ones however are a little diffrent. First you have to un-equip them of any and all gear, and then you can drag and drop them to the trade window.

Note that:
- Certain BO's cant be traded like this (Borg Eng BO for example), or Unique BO's.
- If the recipient does not have a open "Comissioned" slot he can not recive it.
- If he promotes the BO to, or beyond, your own rank, he can't trade it back to you.

It works. I tested it with a freind just before I wrote this post.

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