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# 1 Many Escort Questions.
01-28-2012, 12:41 PM

Im new to the game, and i have a Escort, actually a ugly tactical escort and im on my way to the advance escort.

I have yet a few questions related to weapoms and energy kinds.


I use the next array:

Fore: x2 cannon + x1 DBB + x1 DHC.
AFT: x2 Turret.


All disruptor (i dont like phasers nor plasma effects and i dont think a mix will be usefull)

So i was wondering and thinking about my DPS, i noticed that to really get a high burst i need to be just in the '45 to get the DHC shot and obviusly in rapid fire (actually i alternate between I and III) finally i have concluded that the DHC is not a good weapom for my like. but neither are torpeodes and another DBB does not seems to practical to me... My turrets are lovely and i happen to get a conclussion... I like wide fire arcs, so i was wondering, is a beam/turret/single cannon build any good? there is one over there?

I just think about it, i dont see many DPS or burst there, but a constant stream of dmg, maybe even mixing energy effects to get a "debuffer" support dmg escort.

And about energy, im using disruptors right now, but im going to get to 40 soon and i need to know what are a nice alternative to disruptors, the polaron looks nice with that debuff, and antiprotons looks like a great dmg oriented ray... Maybe a critical boat! or something like that...

Any help?

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