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# 1 C-Store Gifts
01-29-2012, 03:40 AM
So, my wife is thinking about playing STO on a Silver Account after seeing me play the game for a while now. I may have asked her once or twice if she want's to play. Ok, maybe more than once or twice. Maybe seven or eight times. Round about that I think. Roughly.

Ok, I bugged the crap out of her since the 17th and she finally gave in and enjoyed it, so what. It's not like I forced her!

Anyway, all that aside, she was dissapointed to find out that she couldn't be a Klingon Starfleet Officer without paying to unlock it. It was only a minor bug for her as she quickly settled on Betazoid, but she loves the Klingon way and I know, given the chance, she would start as a Klingon.

My question is, I have the spare C store points. I have nothing I need to buy yet and because I am on a gold account, I will have more than enough points coming in. If I have to pay for the points on her account, that's fine too, but:

Is there any way I can use the points on my account to buy her the Klingon Officer option? As a gift perhaps? Even if I could send her the points, I would be ok with that.

Any help is appretiated.

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