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So I'm trying to make a heal boat/tank for the new oddessy class. I'm going to use that LTCmdr universal for a sci. What a good heal skill at LTCmdr? I got it narrowed down between sci team 3, transfer shields 3, and hazard 3. Which of those do you guys think is best for heals? Also running on my Cmdr eng slot EP2A 1, A2SIF 1, EP2S 3, and Extend Shields 3. Oh and I'm a engineer vice admiral.
Lt. Commander
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01-29-2012, 07:18 PM
Two considerations might be shared cooldowns and Aux levels. If you plan to run Tactical Team or Engineering Team then Sci team will share a cooldown. Sci Team's usefulness is really for what it can remove rather than the shield repair, so taking the best version isn't really that crucial. TSS and HE are Aux dependent, so if you don't plan on running high Aux then sure, take Sci Team 3. I think TSS shares a cooldown with Feedback Pulse, and HE shares with Polarize Hull.

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