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Noob question, I noticed that Camera Rotation isn't bound to anything in Space Mode. What is it supposed to do? I tried binding it but it seems to have the same effect as Mouse Look. Is it broken/redundant or am I using it wrong? For reference, the default keys are:

Enable Mouse Look = Right Drag
Toggle Mouse Look = none
--Drag with the mouse to change your camera angle.

Enable Camera Rotation = none
Toggle Camera Rotation = none
--??? No idea what this is for.

Camera Turn to Focus = Left+Right Click
Camera Target Lock = X
--Dynamically turns the ship until its heading aligns with your current camera direction.

Very confused...
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01-29-2012, 08:49 PM
I have personally never put that much thought into this but I'll tell you this much from my past 2 years of playing this game I've always simply clicked, then held on the screen and dragged with the mouse to look around, which I do often for situational awareness.
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01-29-2012, 09:03 PM
Generally in Cryptic's Engine. Mouse Look and Camera Rotation are similar in what they do. They both move the camera around. But Mouse Look will also move your avatar to face the direction of the camera. You can use to maneuver your character around.

But In space Camera Rotation and Mouse Look as the same thing. The ship avatar doesn't chance facing on Mouse Look. Because ships can't turn on a dime like our ground avatars can. So ther is no need to map Camera Rotate to anything.

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