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Ok since i accidentally posted this on a totally unrelated thread and cant for the life of me find an ongoing "my bio" thread i though why not make my own.

We all have a Bio slot on our character creation and i for one as a writer myself love to sneak a peek at what others have decided to role play as there characters background.

since i have two mains one a science officer the other a engineer who look pretty much identical i decided to do a bit of a mirror universe thing, heres what i came up with:

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

...wait wrong MMO let me start again.

A twist of fate and a flicker of light in a broken mirror can lead to many divergences, in one shard a young alien with strange markings along his temples is found on a derelict ship by human space boomers lugging cargo through space previously uncharted by mankind The young humanoid simply referred to as Alan the alien is adopted by the crew and brought with them to a human colony world where his natural aptitude in science and technology are nurtured and embraced. Years later he travels to Earth as a potential for the newly formed Federation of planets Starfleet defence and exploration recruitment program.
Soon after finding his homeworld and the name of his people the Trill temporally choosing to take up residence before perusing his assignment on the new line of Marinda Class starships.
A nearly fatal shuttle accident takes place as he and the new Trill Ambassador Gethlan Aries as they leave the system to meet the Starfleet ship during its shakedown cruse.
With no engines, no communications and the Ambassador deathly injured he relinquishes the secret of the Trill people and soon after the Aries symbiot itself to the young Ensign before slipping away leaving a very confused young man concussed confused and with a helpless symbiot with no way to engage his new host.
Rescue and necessity lead to the Ensign and the symbiot being joined soon after...

....on another shard thins take a much darker turn, found in the shredded hulk of a previously unencountered alien transport by a slave train and simply refereed to as "the Alien" by the crew although this is later changed via a faulty universal translator to Alan. The young alien with the odd markings is noted as a fast learner and his gifts with technology soon have him scurrying through Jefferey's tubes running diagnostics and making repairs.
As he grows he is no longer seen as a slave by the crew and is informally adopted as the cabin boy and general tinkerer on ship. As he gains in skill and stature his knowledge of shipboard systems grows to encompass pretty much every possible inch of the ships maintenance and repair soon outstripping the veteran engineers on-board, he had become a valuable commodity so when a damaged and stranded starfleet ship is spotted the potential to use the boys skills to strip it for parts is too much to resist.
Sadly it was an ambush, the damaged ship has sent out a false distress signal after burning outs its dylithium intermix chamber in an ill fated pursuit of a fleeing Klingon raptor, stranded with no power they limped to known shipping lanes and waited for the stupid and greedy to make there move.
The ambush a success and the slave crew all but slaughtered the remnants are promptly put to work, had ti not been for a twist of fate this could have been the end of young Alan but somebody had other plans.
The intermix chamber had become unstable, the less refined crystals taken from the Slaver ship causing an instability in the matrix.
The ship shook and jerked like a wounded targ and with each heave the screaming engine sank lower and lower into the bulkhead now so sunken into the bowls of engineering the starfleet crew struggled to lift the drive from the deck high enough for an engineer to slip and and manually cut off the intermix, The young alien seen his opportunity, he grabbed for a hydrospanner and socket wrench and slid feet first between the legs of the startled chief engineer and beneath the tortured engine, seconds later the wailing had become docile hum as the warp core stabilized.
Emerging from the crawlspace he was thrust bleeding toward the chief, dark globules of blood pooled under his eye as he was graced to a rare smile from the rough hawed human as a yellow lapeled set of overalls is thrust into the young mans chest
"welcome to starfleet boy"
he growled
"now get dressed, your out of uniform..."

...the story continues with both versions of the young officer taking assignment on the U.S.S. Avenger and I.S.S. Ravager respectively and heading out into the Tholian expanse looking for more stolen tech in the case of the I.S.S. version it was a stolen ship and a rebel crew seeking out a way to overthrow the Empress and in the case of the U.S.S. version following a distress call.
The reaction of both ships entering the Tholian rift from opposite sides at the same time forces the rift to falter and throw both ships into the future in the canon ST universe due to the I.S.S. Ravanger attempting to destroy the Avenger and the resulting discharge aligned both ships within the normal universe at the same time but killing the vast majority of both crews.
Eventually both the Blended and unbleneded Trill "Alan's" meet and both are brought into the STO version of starfleet. There is a little resentment between the unbound Alan as the advanced knowledge granted by the symbiot significantly boosts the "copy'" career where he is left to train and slog for himself.

This is rendered moot however when both there assigned ships are sent to combat the Borg and they both loose there crews for a second time and given command as the last remaining Bridge officers.

well that is the back story for my Trill Scientist and Engineer respectively and thats how i RP them, both the same man with very different backgrounds but still at the core identical.
In terms of RP the I.S.S. version is a little more brutal and the scar over his left eye is a little bigger than his U.S.S. counterpart and ofc the ships are different based on class skills.

feel free to post your own, i will be publishing the entire story as an ongoing quasi blog as soon as i finishing setting up a new blogspot site specifically for this novelette.
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01-29-2012, 09:06 PM
I love seeing officers' data with huge essays on them!

Seriously, don't be alarmed if you see a little cruiser tagging along behind just to read the huge text.

I happen to like seeing friendly ship data just to see if I can spot some good background writing in place of that drool black box most players have.

Then I will send a little courtesy note that it's quite refreshing to read a well written profile :3

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