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01-30-2012, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by StarkeRealm View Post
When you really break it down, the point of the mk 12 drops isn't the mk 12 drops. At least the ground ones, I'm not sure why anyone would grind space for it's mk 12s.

The real prize is the costume set, you see it on DS9, the full MACO, Omega Force, and Honor Guard outfits you never see anywhere on players, with helmets, shoulder pieces, and so on. That's the point to grinding the STFs. That's the only real point to those items. It's grinding for fluff. When you get the weapon, armor, and shield for a given mk 11 ground set you'll unlock some armor pieces for it that you can stick on your captain.

The irony is, we probably wouldn't have these posts if the Mk 10 unlocked the partial outfits, and the mk 11s unlocked the full outfits.
If I would farm elite STFs a whole year long at least 10 hours long/day I am not sure that I would get a full XII set the drop rates are THAT bad.After like 100 elite STFs I still cant show up a single MKXII piece(with plenty completed optionals so better loot after fast runs is myth too).I will finish the MKXI omega set and I probably wont play STFs in the foreseeable future because Im fed up with them.

Getting MKXII set is just not realistic unless you are extremely lucky(in this case you should try lottery instead) or you got 1-2 years free time just for this goal.
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01-30-2012, 11:49 AM
Originally Posted by V_Silverwings View Post
Strangely I've found over the last 7 days I've picked up 3 proto tech drops and 1 maybe 2 rare techs so did think maybe they'd improved the rate but I quickly dismissed that idea. I've now got the full mk12 maco and 2/3 of the KHG (would have got all 3 but a recent cure ground gave me a rare weapon tech not proto!).

I'm all for improvement of the loot drop especially given it's taken 500-600 STFs to get the techs I have but I've got all my alts still to do so bring it on.

I'm not really happy about nerfing the elite difficulty it's supposed to be challenging and designed for fleets and organised teams but that's a different topic, Thumbs up for improved loot drops.
Just for getting rare drops I think you're coming dangerously close to being struck by lightning discharging from a meteorite while participating in an election in which flying pigs ferry voters, all of whom happened to be informed and rational, to the polls.

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