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# 1 Mission: Cadet
01-31-2012, 07:16 AM
I decided to keep the name simple and created a Starfleet Academy Cadet mission with a slight touch of RP. But then it is impossible to make the player play as a Cadet without an RP approach. The mission begins at the Academy, there is a sort of training phase then battle taking place on holosuite.

My reason for posting is that I want to create a KDF version of my Cadet, Cadet KDF.

Do you think players have any interest in a opposing facting missions?

I'm considering creating a series, which compliment each other, but is it worth doing do you think? These take a long time to create, a series takes weeks so it is a big project. Some feedback on this approach would be appreciated.

Overall I'm just wondering if anyone would really bother to login to their other faction character to play what is essentially the same maps and battles?

My mission named "Cadet", takes Starfleet to Qo'noS. My idea is that as a Klingon Cadet, you take part in the defense of Qo'noS. I would make the story lines just a little deeper, add some irony to the idea that both sides are only doing training, but preparing for the same fictional event.
Lt. Commander
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01-31-2012, 08:37 PM
I like the idea of 'clashing' missions (Fed defends a facility, KDF attacks the same)... also, I tried Cadet but couldn't figure out where to go... please include clear directions in the dialogue and/or objective.

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