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# 1 Sound issues
01-19-2012, 06:04 PM
Didn't play much recently, so I can't point out which patch must have caused this, but I've noticed that, once again, there are some sound issues in the game, mainly noticeable during bigger battles. Some sound effects are just not audible. I can hear my torpedo firing at one time, while I cant' hear it at all after a few seconds. Other example: having FAW active, I can hear only a portion of all beams fired. Sometimes I can't even hear the music (mission complete "fanfare") or other abilities properly. And all of this seems to occur when there is a lot going on around.

Also, some sound effects seem to have some echo, similar to the recent "bathroom effect" which was pressumably fixed. This time though I hear it in space instances as well. Not sure whether this is the same as before.

Am I the only one having this issue, or is this something bigger? I didn't change anything with my game or software settings, and didn't do anything with the hardware. Everything else seems to be OK on my end - I'm only having sound problems in STO.

May have something to do with the recent "fix" of crackling sound.
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# 2
01-24-2012, 07:00 AM
Bump. I would at least like to know if there are other people experiencing similar problems (so that I could exclude any software/hardware issues on my end).
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# 3
01-31-2012, 12:08 PM
Issue still present after the patch.

The sound seems OK most of the time, but as I said, half of sound effects aren't audible when there's more going on around. Especially noticeable during bigger fleet battles, such as STFs or Fleet Actions.

This is definitely a STO issue introduced somewhere around when F2P went live. Aside from recent problems, like the crackling sound that was fixed, everything worked fine for nearly two years. Until now. I don't have any other sound problems outside of the game.

Not sure what's necessary to provide to be more helpful, but I'm using Gigabyte Realtek HD Audio drivers on Windows XP Home Edition.
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# 4
01-31-2012, 03:15 PM
well realtek drivers (specially if using 64bits one) can cause problems. one of the things that can affect sound as strange as it may seems is the visual fx settings in the game . if it is set to low some sounds specially those dealing with power actions (like shot firing) can be muted or turned off.

If you have the graphic setting set to adjust quality to maintain a frame rate it my be lowering the setting when there more going one.
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# 5
02-01-2012, 05:14 AM
I'm using a 32bit system.

I've just checked what you've said and this doesn't seem to have anything to do with visual fx. I have most settings set to max, and when I Alt+F12 during bigger battle I get constant 60fps, but the sound remains the same. I've tried various Video and Audio options, turning things on and off, as well as some troubleshooting settings connected with framerate, and nothing changed at all. Not even a little bit. If I fire a turret, which has 4 shots, I may hear the first and the last one, while the other two are mute. It all happens at random, depending on what's going on around.

And as I said, there's also seem to be a little inconsistency in the sound in general. Similar to what was happening in ground interiors a while back, but now in space. When I fly close to a shipyard in The Cure, the green light beam going to the Cube is really loud and overwhelms many other sounds. And this is just an example.

It would seem that STO doesn't really like Realtek, as most of the sound issues (like the crackling) seem to occur wich such drivers/cards. But I still "blame" Cryptic for this, as this started happening about the same time F2P went live, when the crackling sound was seemingly fixed, and DX11 options were added. And that also broke some graphical options even on DX9, like the flickering reported by many people in a separate thread.

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