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02-02-2012, 01:09 AM
Originally Posted by japfi
I have seen the scheduled updates involved in this patch, and I must say I am really disappointed. You plan to make all the elite STF's easier for the community, when it is not necessary at all. Myself and all my friends already can get through every STF without much problem.. maybe not complete the optional every time, but always get through it. Why? Because we learned how to properly play the game, and utilize all the skills of our classes.

But instead your probably listening to a group of players complaining about how hard it is because they likely always run with strangers, and never have actually tried to learn how to play the game. So of course its too hard for THEM. So rather then nerfing the game for players who don't want to bother learning how to play in the first place, why don't you just find a way to make them actually learn how to play. It would be better for the community as a whole if there were more skilled players out there to enhance PVP as well as PVE.

That's just my two cent's though.
As a returning player I have to agree.

I bought the game at release and played for months leveling up two admirals before getting my fill.

The F2P brought me back and I so far been very pleased.

In the past week I have managed to aquire everything I need for a Veteran Set by doing the STF's as they are. I played normal at first and moved up to elite in no time at all.

As it is they are not hard at all. Somewhat challenging at first, but you get over it.

Making the STF's easier is a big mistake.

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