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# 1 horrible buzzing sound at ds9
02-02-2012, 04:53 AM
Hi. I am a returning player and don't know for sure if this problem is new to today's patch. But today, for me, when I went to DS9 after today's patch, a penetrating buzzing sound started to dominate all other sounds. It's a deep buzzing sound, similar to what one might hear when they are trying to tune between radio stations on older car stereos. It's like static, but with bass. Definitely some sort of distortion.

The bad part about it, is that even if I alt-tab out of STO, the sound hangs around. Turning down the volume through in-game settings does nothing.

I have been playing again for about three days, and have been to DS9 before and did not experience this issue. I can temporarily remedy the issue by a) taking the turbolift to operations, or b) visiting my bridge. In both cases, the sound either comes back right away when I return to the promenade or comes back within a few moments of returning to DS9's main area.

Outside of the game, I can stop the buzzing by changing the number of speaker settings in my sound card's control panel, but this stops all STO sounds altogether. It will buzz at 8 channels where I usually keep it, and then all sounds stop if i change it to 2 , 4 , or even 6 channels. The only way to bring it back is to switch from Speaker output in-game to Digital and back to Speaker where it normally works. But then, the buzzing is back along with all the other sounds. At least the buzzing goes away as soon as I leave DS9. I really hope it doesn't occur in other areas of the game.

I think it's rather funny that today I ran to DS9 simply to escape that annoying ambient whistle that happens every 70 seconds or so at ESD only to be punished by an all-consuming buzzing sound. At this point, I am just hoping that the sound doesn't happen elsewhere as I rediscover STO.

My sound card is an HTO Omega Striker 7.1 , and I use it in DTS mode through spdif optical output. I am using their latest driver under Windows 7 64bit. Never had any problem like this before in STO or elsewhere.

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