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# 1 Problems since patch
02-03-2012, 07:38 PM
As of the most recent patch my graphics no longer work. I tried resetting them to defaults, I uninstalled and reinstalled several times, I rebooted the computer, I virus scanned, I installed while in safe mode, and still the problem persists. I tried playing with all of the graphical settings, updated my drivers, and did a 48 hour backup. I installed both via Steam and via Pando. Still the problem persists.

I have a HP Pavilion dv6-3160us Entertainment Notebook that uses an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 for graphics. The problem is the standard ATI issue where it does the diamond graphics thing. This issue did not exist before the most recent patch. I am able to log into the game, but it causes my laptop to rapidly heat to the point where I scald myself when I use the keyboard despite the fact that I have a high powered cooling pad that normally does the job. In the 5 minutes I was logged in to check my Duty Officers, the temperature increased to such a degree that I had to exit immediately or risk damage.

I am able to play any other game just fine, including ones that are normally prone to this same ATI-specific issue. STO is the only issue.

Please let me know how I can remedy this issue, and if I'm not able to then please include a patch in your next update to undo whatever was done to spark it in the first place.

The problem I am experiencing is a much, much more exaggerated version of this:

This is a fairly common issue with ATI cards, but is usually repaired via conventional methods. I'm sure that this is the case here, but I'm not sure what exactly was changed to cause the issue in the first place. I would normally ignore it and solve it over time, but the problem is so extreme that I am incapable of playing. It's like looking at a constant blur - shadows, textures and pretty much every aspect of the game (except for the UI) are effected by this.


I played with the settings a bit more and I noticed when I disabled everything or set everything to minimum settings, it was clear that it wasn't texture stretching or whatever but rather that huge chunks of the game was being replaced by solid blocks of color that would change randomly. I'm not sure what exactly the issue is but I believe it's either the lighting, shadows or draw distance. If anyone can point me to free recording software that isn't bad quality I'll slap up a video. I want this fixed.

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