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02-05-2012, 01:39 PM
Originally Posted by mister_dee
I would have said Breen as well, but the Deferi mission "Cold Storage" shows the two are fighting each other so I'd leave them out.
The thing is, here, the Breen would only be fighting the True Way Jem Hadar, and not the Dominion Jem Hadar (if that makes sense).

Having said that though, it may actually be wise to keep the Breen out of the Dominion package for the simple reason that they've essentially been let down by the Dominion once before (the Breen didn't really have a say in the surrender). It stands to reason they'd be quite bitter toward the Dominion and it's allies.

Originally Posted by mister_dee
As for a motivation for the Son'a to be allied with the True Way (or rather a reason why they should continue to exist at all) would be IMO that they'd want to use Dominion cloning technology to prevent their "race" dying out since they didn't get access to the rejuvinating effects of the Ba'ku planet.
I like it. Good shout on the Tarlac and Ellora too, though I don't believe them to have their own ships?

Originally Posted by mister_dee
For the Remans, well we do know from the "Countdown" comics that they have their own ship designs which is why I was honestly surprised to see them using reskinned Romulan ships.
To be honest, with ships looking like those, it's no surprise they're using Romulan designs. :p Those ships from the comic are too similar to the Scimitar. They need a few unique looking ships, not scraps.

Edit: Maybe something like this:

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