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Hi all,

I am currently looking to join a fleet on my 2nd character which has a Teamspeak and is ok with me being in multiple fleets. Here is why I ask that being in multiple fleets is allowed:

I am currently in a Fleet called S.T.O.R.M. which isn't large but has some helpful and friendly members in it. I am not going to leave this fleet to join another on my main character because I am friends with them there.

However, I am from the UK and they are American mostly. This means that I spend a lot of the time alone in the Teamspeak.

They are ok with me joining another Fleet on my secondary character and I would like to find one which has people on during the times when I mostly play (peak English times and sometimes in the day).

Whilst this may put some of you off, I do have some things to offer:
  1. I am very Active and I get on with most people.
  2. I have Web Coding skills so I can build / fix / improve your website
  3. I am up for helping out other users (once I level up my 2nd Character though)
  4. I have a lot of experience as a Staff member, Owner, Admin, Moderator etc etc etc of Forums, Clans, Gaming Communities among other Gaming Groups
  5. I can be serious if needs be and I like to have a laugh
  6. Nothing else, except...

Well, I await any replies
aka Redeye3323

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