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Sorry if this has already been reported, please feel free to reply with the link to the first known post about this.

My video cad is a GTX285 (NVIDEA) which was released in Dec 2009 so it is dated though not in my view obsolete. My system is Windows 7 64 bit and my processor is an i7 Core. My video drivers are up to date. During a ground mission, the third and fourth power icon buttons on my Bridge Officers are not clickable and you cannot mouse over them without getting an annoying flicker.

I tried running the game in safe mode and still cannot click the third and fourth button. This is not a terribly serious issue as the Bridge Officers are still able to use the powers associated with the third and fourth button (example: science bridge officer can still automatically heal me but I cannot click myself and then reach for the third/fourth button that handles medical tricorder)

I think this happened from one of the flurry of patches we had over the past week. I haven't tried to re-install and I'd rather not if I can avoid it.

Anyone else come across this issue?


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