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# 1 Grappler on a shuttle?
02-07-2012, 04:31 AM
Forgive me for starting a new thread to ask such a simple question, but I didn't receive any reply when I posted elsewhere.

I don't have the NX class and I don't really care about it's console, as I'd rather use an actual tractor beam ability or some other "+1" ship console for my VA. Still, I've started thinking about the fact that the Grappler is considered to be a universal item equipable "on any Starfleet vessel in any console slot". Hence my question - does that apply to shuttles/fighters as well? If I purchased the NX would I be able to put it's grappler on a Delta Flyer or Tal'Kyr shuttle?

The ship may be "only" 400CP, but I'd rather ask first than be disappointed later.

The same question can be asked about the Oberth console.

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