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# 1 Separatist Wars
02-07-2012, 04:19 AM
Hey there, I am posting this because I am looking for some feed back, to test the waters for my First Foundry series Focusing on separatist wars. Wars of Colonial Independence from the Federation.

General Plot: It's No secret that tensions have been mounting on the "frontier" worlds, Federation Colonies have had any number of troubles with the Federation, After the Riots in Ulla III, a System with 4 Federation Colonized worlds. Federation has Begun responding to Protests in Force, and the end result each time has been even more stress on the relationship between the Federation core worlds and their Colonies. Now, A federation Escort has destroyed a Merchant Vessel ( A Smuggler) and some are openly crying for revolt, siting the Federation's Inability or unwillingness to protect them but their eagerness to clamp down on even the most arcane of laws. Things are spiraling out of control quickly.


Mission 1: I want to try my hand at a Long duration Missions so I want to design Mission 1 to be a Fact finding Mission and a Delegating mission, But the story line centers around escalating tensions a number of different worlds, I want to include very high levels of detail and background that is rarely seen in Star Trek it self.

Mission 2: I am going to do something....Bold.... Since the Foundry lacks the ability to create diverging quest lines (I believe) I am going to create two versions of the same mission. Putting the main character in the Ultimate wringing.. I want the player to feel torn between Seeing the events unfold with their own eyes and knowing its wrong... and an obligation and duty to follow orders. So I will create a Mission Allowing both sides to play out. ( though I realize that is going to eat up slots)
Lt. Commander
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02-07-2012, 04:42 PM
I am looking for some feed back on the ideas.

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