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# 1 New Type of Disconnect
02-08-2012, 02:33 PM
Hello guys an gals! I have a rather strange issue here, well, maybe not soooo strange, but hey, this is STO right? Anywho, I've been away from the game for over a year, decided to come back when I heard it was F2P and I'm enjoying reuniting with old friends, etc., however I wanted to make a new char., mess about and generally have some fun, but I have an issue...

I can log into the game, play for hours on end if I wanted to, but that's what an existing character. If I want to make some content, same thing, can log in, futz around for god-only-knows-how-long, save and return to login screen but if I want to make a new char., now that's a totally different thing.

When I get to the create new character section, I have to hurry through or get the boot. It doesn't seem to be on any specific timeframe or anything like that and it's certainly not my ISP as I mentioned above, but instead, it's something totally different. In order for me to actually make a new character, I have the tedious job of starting, saving and after I make just about any change, I must save my progress or fear the boot without saving my new changes. I have to rinse-wash-repeat until I'm finished with the character and am able to finally log into the game to play. Once I get into the game, everything's fine and no more booting, only during character creation.

Now, here's what I've done so far on my computer (Winblows 7 Home):

1. Disabled my AV
2. Disabled Winblows Firewall
3. Disabled Winblows Defender
4. Turned off UAC

5. Tried to run startrek.exe as admin
6. Tried to run startrek.exe as winblows xp and everything in between

Nothing seems to work, no matter what I have to save, get the boot, relog, make some progress, save, get the boot, etc. Obviously it's not totally broke, ie: can't do it at all. But let's face it, my "solution" sux and frankly who wants to go through that crap just to make a new character? On average, it takes me around two or so hours to get through this just so I can play a new character.

Any ideas?

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