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# 1 STF+Crashes+penalty
02-09-2012, 01:52 AM
I am fairly sick of it...

Middle of a ground STF elite.

Sudden crash of a client.

Restarting. Logggin in, selecting my char, entering the game... "can't get a map number" mistake... Crash....

Starting the client, logging in, entering game.... i am back on ESD instead of STF... Found our run... "Join".... "you ar already a member of "Cure ground (Elite)""!!!! WHAT THE HELL????
Few minutes of waiting...
STF leaver penalty...

For how long this idiocy will last??? This was a fairly good team on that STF, first good team i met in some time. And to what end? Loose a real posssibility to finish optionals, lost STF, and stf ban! A penalty for developers' mistake? I'd like an author of that "brilliant" idea to try, and think what this moronic penalty is really doing. I never met a coward who would be stopped by it. I they want to quit - they just doing it. But when we see thet team's composition is inadequate - we can't just dissolve the team and start again. Nooo... someone must endure thsi idiotic penalty, because there is no legal way to leave STF, no quit votes, no team agreements... nothing. And when team is fairly good - THIS!

WIll dev's finally do smth about it? I am yet to meet at least 1 person that is glad with current state of things. Is it so hard to install a simple vote system?

Vote for an ending of current's STF mission,
Vote for penalties,
Vote for removing currently implemented penalty...

After few minutes of monitoring of that STF run i saw reducing number of participants there and that run was canceled shortly afterwards.

So 5 people was denied a chence of getting good gear and FINALLY finish the run for no reason at all.

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