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02-09-2012, 12:20 AM
Whilst I understand that F2P games rely on micro-transactions to make money, I completely disagree with the gambling model that Cryptic seem to be using.

As a lifer, I was a little annoyed at the game going F2P. However, the fact that it will attract more players and the 400 CP stipend made it worth it.

The problem is that if I want some of these items that are being released I need to gamble with this money, and lets face it, we saw from the Winter Package that the odds of getting the 'shiny item' is extremely low.

So what does my 400 C Points get me now? 4 rolls of the 100 sided dice?...


Don't get me wrong - I know it's my personal choice whether or not to spend this money on the 'gamble' - I just think we should know the price of the items we are trying to get.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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02-09-2012, 04:44 AM
agreed, signed, stamped, and approved. If I wanted to play the lottery i'd play the lottery where i stand to actually get some money... the odds are basically the same when you concider the expense.

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