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Guys: Firstly the lead designer and most of the cryptic staff afaik do not see sto as p2w, and I have to say I agree with them. Let me say that I have a fleet colleague who has a lot of these consoles but never paid real money for them, he simply traded dilithium for c-points.

So the bashings of p2w are rather un founded, and sound more like people with pitch forks just accepting for gospel what a minority are spewing.

Why don't we try to offer balance suggestions for the consoles instead of just getting on like little children.

one possible suggestion would be to give consoles drawbacks. I.e. when equipped they come with a permanent drawback which you have to decide is worth it for the power it gives once every whatever minute.

Example, the capacitance (full impulse get out of dodge) console could come with a draw back of -10% top speed when equipped. Or some other short term effect directly related to its use. Engine power reduced to 25 for 30 seconds (after firing it) or some other such thing. Thereby equipping too many consoles would be a lot of drawbacks. (each drawback would be different of course)

Lastly I appeal to the developers to reconsider turning star trek online space combat into WOW. Space combat is often lauded as the best thing in STO and loved by many, many who might even have disliked STO altogether.

Now you are turning STO and our star ships basically into magic shooting unicorns. STO is becoming about magic powers, which were rarely seen or used in the show, and less emphasis is being placed on good ol' pew pew, lasors and shields.

It's time to take away Tactical Team, and make the redistribute shields button clickable once every 10 seconds only or something, so people can't spam the redistribute button basically becoming a manual tactical team. Combat should go back to positioning, turning to save a downed shield etc... which currently doesnt matter one bit now.

I often see noobs talk about positioning, and keeping your shields up by turning and making your strongest shield face the enemy....often see this in reviews, but little do they know with tactical team and redistribute spam this aspect of space combat is null and void.

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