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*Edit* Adding data as well as clearing up instructions

Greetings Captains (and Admirals),

I'd like to start getting some chat logs from people so we can begin to estimate how many Galor class vessels are created each day. I am strongly suspecting they are not as rare as we are led to believe. While the drop rate may indeed be low (0.5% if the Jem'Hadar ship is a good example), the actual number of ships in the game may still be quite high.

Chat Channel Setup:
  1. Right click the top heading of your chat window (where it says Chat, NPC, Cobat, etc.)
  2. In the window that pops up, click the New button (bottom right).
  3. Deselect every option on the left column of "Channels to Display"
  4. Select only the "System" channel. It should be 4th from the bottom.
  5. Deselect any "Custom Channels" in the right column.
  6. Go to the "Options" tab of the Chat Configuration window that you are in.
  7. Select "Show Dates" and "Show Times"
  8. Enjoy playing STO (but do not log out or change characters before next step)
  9. Before logging off, or changing characters, copy the entire contents of your new chat tab and paste them into some form of text document.

Copy whatever results you have and paste them in to an formatted text document of some sort. Send me an in game mail and we can work out how to exchange the data.

I will compile the results, remove repeat names and produce an estimated Galor class ship creation rate. Just wait until you see the ships per hour rate changing over time. Unfortunately the initial spike will be lost to us, but we can still get some great data over the weekend.

Please start collecting whatever you are able to. I will not be able to be in game (or on the forums) for a while, but will do what I can too.

Preliminary Collected Data:

I logged on at about 7:20pm CST. This was long after the initial rush when the boxes were first released. Some players suggested that the Galor creation rates were closer to 35/hour at the start of the event. The numbers I saw were substantially less than that.

Time (CST) / Count
19:00 / 10 (only 45 minutes of the hour were logged)
20:00 / 13
21:00 / 12
22:00 / 13
23:00 / 15
00:00 / 7
01:00 / 2 (only 30 minutes in to the hour)

Estimated Boxes Opened:

If the drop rate of the Galor, is the same as the Jem'Hadar ship (0.5%), then we can estimate how many boxes were opened. There should be one ship per 200 boxes on average. Given 114 ships created there should have been 22,800 boxes opened. Over the 6 hours 10 minutes I was logging there should have been almost 3,700 boxes opened per hour. This is quite a reasonable number.

Estimated Drop Rate:

I do not see anything above to suggest that the drop rate of the Galor is any different than the Jem'Hadar ship. There is a wide variety of ways available to obtain the boxes in game. I believe anyone who wants a box will be able to obtain one.

When the event first launched, there was likely a spike in the number of people opening boxes. That number should have trailed off over the day. I expect they will see some bumps in box openings during peak hours Friday and certainly over the weekend for the FE series. What looked like a high number of ships appearing (easily obtainable) was most likely just a very high number of boxes being opened.

It seems unlikely to me that the drop rate has actually been increased.

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