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# 1 Question About Fleet Actions
02-09-2012, 07:39 PM
This is actually a series of questions. I am quite frustrated right now, after attempting to do the vulcan temple fleet action several times today. It seems whatever I do, I end up getting dropped from the group during the fleet action, although I still see my teammates (ex-teammates I guess) running around. I do not understand why this happens.

This last attempt, I started the encounter, and my teammates spawned with me on the starting spawn. Everything went fine up until the point when you have to get those shield things, and enable the shields on the artifacts. My teammates were just randomly killing guys, not completing the objective. So I went and did one, and when I went back to use one of those things in the ravine around the middle, so I could protect another artifact, I was dropped from the group. Needless to say, I am not able to reasonably complete the objective solo. Each time I have attempted this fleet action something of this nature has occurred. I have had problems dropping from the group in other fleet actions, but in the space ones, I tend to fair well even solo.

So my questions are:

Is it normal and/or is there a reason why I get dropped from group so often?
Is there any way (besides forming a "private" group of my own) to avoid this problem?
Does anyone else experience this?

Thank you, guys.

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