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02-10-2012, 01:26 AM
Originally Posted by Miogaruna View Post
99% of the people in this thread have no idea what they're talking about.

I r the 99% !! #occupyforums

Dual Heavy Cnanon!!1 [pew]x3
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02-10-2012, 04:19 AM
LoL at this thread

Come fly the overpowered Bird of Prey anytime.

You can even load up your awesome "all tactical" officer setup.

PvP with it as much as you'd like. Seriously, go for it! Prove to the world that you're right all along!
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02-10-2012, 04:22 AM
Originally Posted by The5thchild
No its not and its not going to change ever.

Kdf have been overpowered since Beta and its simply a fact now. They have superior Turnrate, more flexible BOff Layouts, Cannons on pretty much any ship, a cloak on almost any ship for free and they dont have any disadvantages for all that (except certain ships like Chang Bop with very little HP).

Now let the flames come :p
Oh and just for the record, i got 3 KDF toons at VA, enjoying them quite a bit; doesnt change the fact that their toys are OP though.
Listen to this man, he speaks truth. Totally OP. Yes, go pvp as a klingon and just rip feds apart!

I love this thread. Threads like these are what put a smile on my face. They really do show the limits of humanity.
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02-10-2012, 05:00 AM
Oh, it's this thread again.
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02-10-2012, 05:09 AM
Originally Posted by amidoinitright View Post
Oh, it's this thread again.
KDF are a war orientated breed, and the ships and tech should reflect that.
feds should have better science vessels. simples.

i havent seenn a 5ship science set up v a 5ship cruiser/bird of somthing set up..

that would be interesting..
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02-10-2012, 05:17 AM
Ok, klingons are not OP...

Can you please tell me a LIST of Fed players, fleets, groups, etcetera with which you lose, I don't know, 50% of the Arenas?

Thank you very much.

Warm regards,
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02-10-2012, 05:34 AM
Not sure I understand the question.

Are you asking for a list of fed players that can actually win (because they aren't suck tastic?) or are you asking for a list of Fed players who lose constantly cause they are suck tastic?

If the former that list can be short.. but then at this point the KDF list is equally if not more short.
If the latter well.... 99 percent of the population can't pvp for ****(

To the OP, KDF are not overpowered you can ask anyone that pvps regularly which side I roll the most and it ain't KDF. Infact, mounting DHCs on a Neghvar, and Vorcha is really only good for the lulz. Sure my tac kdf side rolls with DHCs. Cause well. He's kind of a lolz toon. He comes in, dumps DHC fire in, bops come in behind on alpha target gets vaped and he warp plases the flield then struggles to bring the Guns to bear on anything resembling a fast ship that's still alive. I use him pretty much exclusively to learn new flying techniques to apply to my much faster and much better fed mains. The vorcha's Inertia (and it's the only cruiser I'd mount DHCs on... and it's still a joke) is utterly Horrible. The ship is a big pig, it starts the turn and then can easily stall out, and really it doesn't change direction going forward very well at all. Now if they would give it the Excelsiors amazing inertia it would be a much better tac ship. But cryptic won't do that. Cause one they are lolcryptic and two it's lolcryptic with klinks. And klinks don't get good stuff out side of the Cstore.

If I were truly serious, he'd have beams and dbbs. Said Vorcha has less shields than an Assault Cruiser or Excelsior.

By the way the Excelsior is the best tac cruiser hands down in the game if you are out to kill people in a cruiser. That LT Cmdr tac station is -amazing-. It's got a lil bit of a glass jaw vs the Assault Cruiser (cause that LTC eng slot is also amazing) Or just less healing over all than the AC.

Sure the Neghvar is better than a Failaxy Retrofit.... but look at what the ship is. It's a Failaxy. Or at least it appears to be. Here's the problem though.. Sure the Neg can mount DHCs.... But it's turn rate and more importantly it's Inertia score are still so bad that it's even more lolworthy than when a Vorcha does it. Meaning it has to use beams.... just like a Failaxxy. Which means that "awesome" (lol) turn rate? Means nothing.

Now let's examine the bop. Four Universal stations, far less shields and far less hull than anything else in the game with the 2nd best turn rate. Oh it also has less consoles. I can't even begin to tally the number of bops I've chewed up and spit out on my first or second pass with an Escort. Good bops maybe get 3 before they need to run off and try to battle cloak before I or someone else finishes the job. Infact, honestly in a straight up shields comparison, BOPS don't have much more shields than a Shuttle. (at least the Delta Flyer) The brel might actually have the shields of a shuttle, I know it's hull points is awful close. I've popped a brel in 1 shot from a beam overload 1 from a shuttle before. Glass Jaw is not a wide enough term for the poor brel.

Sure they are great on that initial hit and pass... after that though the bop really loses out. Especially if the fed team doesn't suck (like 99 percent of the feds do) and there's actual healing going around... not just some stupid idiot in a zombie cruiser.

Raptor vs Defiant vs Fleet Escort vs Advanced Escort...
Let's see, it's turn rate is worse than a Defiants. Equal to the FE's and AEs... however the FE doesn't suffer from having it's turning axis squarely in it's **** like the Raptor.. same deal as the Defiant. The AE on the other hand does suffer that. The Fleet Escort has a far superior bridge officer layout as well. It also has worse shields than all of the above. And shields is by far the most important stat in the game defensively. It does have a superior console layout to the defiant... but it's a big fat ******* compared to a hummingbird with razorblades strapped to it. It's so slow. Too slow.

Now let's throw in the Advanced Multivector Escort... LTC Sci.. which many people mistakenly believe is the best. It's not. You lose quite abit of punch in the mVAM vs AE for more control, or durability. the MVAM isn't a bop. It's role is completely different. The MVAM is otherwise equal to the AE. so it's still a better ship than the silly raptor.

Now lets activate the AE/MVAM console.... any advantage the Raptor has is now completely negated by superior power levels, turn rate, and speed for slightly lower hull points and still better shield points. And that's in Alpha command. Let alone beta command which puts the things turn rate on par with a BOP that's running an RCS.

Carriers.. true the KDF does have carriers... but we feds have Sci Ships which are just plain better (short of the carriers running the lol siphon drain fighters.. then carriers are about even). From bridge officers to turn rates, to Inertia, to shield strength.
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02-10-2012, 05:55 AM

klingons smell funny and i dont like them. that stanta claws guy freaks me out

good bye
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02-10-2012, 05:56 AM
I think being freaked out by santa is a perfectly healthy and sane reaction.
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02-10-2012, 06:10 AM
The Klis are ferocious and aggressive, so the KDF starships reflect their warlike qualities.
The Bops and the Raptors strike hard a target attacking by surprise after decloaking, while the carriers try to confuse the opposing defenses and draw the enemy fire.
The Fed must learn to defend themselves always together to resist the first alpha strike that is always devastating, and then think about organizing a counteroffensive.
Furthermore, a solitary fed ship is always doomed because it will be destroyed by the bop and raptor wolf pack lurking in the shadows.
Apart from the toy consoles controversy in which I hotly participated, I don't think the Klis are OP, they're just different and they know how to play together effectively.
When the klinguns say that teamwork is essential they're saying the truth, because we fed often don't understand we must defend ourselves together.
Also for me a Bop is like a racehorse and only the best experienced players, I think of Roach, Cryox, AmIdoinitright, Star Dagger, Gripple and others, are able to transform it in a killing machine.
And since I like to play alone I fly only the Defiant or the Dreadnought, so I enjoy ambushing their vessels and avoid being always ganked!

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