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Lt. Commander
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In response to a thread that got a bit out of hand a few days ago I would like to propose a friendly PVP match between Sad Pandas or Jupiter Force and 12th Fleet.

This is not intended to be a oh we are better than you match, it is intended to show that we really PVP to just have fun.

As the Commander of the 12th Tactical (PVP) Division I understand that ego's can get big and we all like to win and brag, but the final intention is to make sure we are all having fun.

I would like to have if possible a 10V10 match to 30 kiills.

No restrictions on weapons, or items of any kind.

At the end of the match we shake hands and move on and dont go bashing each other on the forums saying oh X fleet is clearly the best at PVP.

If any members of 12th openly bash you or your fleets PVP please let me know personally and we will handle it as we do not allow open conflict with other fleets.

If you all would like to accept our Friendly invitation please have your representative contact me on our forums or send me a PM and we can setup a time to do this

-Vice Admiral Lewis Conorado
Commander 12th Fleet Tactical Division (Fighting Valkyries)

P.S. If any other fleet would like to have a friendly match please have a representative contact us on our website www.12th-fleet.com

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