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Hi there,

I'm new but old (i partecipated to the beta but i couldn't afford at that very moment the monthly fee, than other games happened and i came back now with the F2P) and i have few questions.

I might be interested (beside buying cryptic points for keys, ships and things like that) to make a one month only "gold membership" and i'm wondering the following :

The "veteran respec token" (even if now i'm lvl 28, soon to be 30) of lvl 10 and 20 will be awarded anyway or only the token for the "future levels" ? (this is a pure curiosity, back to the important stuff)

If i get the gold membership AND i make a fleet, after i become silver again... the fleet will remain ? (I think so but i have to ask it anyway)

If i fullfil bank and inventory slots up to 72/108 what happend at my inventory\bank when i become silver again ? will i lose my items ? will i lose the slots ? Or they will remain in my account even after the gold membership ?

That's pretty much it.

I'm asking IF i decide (for any reason) to not being "gold" from now on, but only for few months now and then.

Thanks in advanced for any reply.
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02-10-2012, 08:55 AM
I'm not sure what you're asking about the veteran token. Anything you have already gotten by the time you switch from Gold to Silver, however, you keep. You simply will not gain the same perks Gold accounts do as you level up in the future from that point onward. So that should include the respec tokens you already got from leveling up, and any respec tokens that come with veteran awards already attained.

A fleet will persist. Silver can in fact create a fleet of their own, if any of the following is true: They have at any point been a gold subscriber (If I'm not mistaken, that one's already true for you, so you don't need to first sub to get your fleet.), they have logged 20 hours of gameplay, or their account has or has at some point had a CPoint balance. (Essentially, this means that if you spend 250 Dilithium to buy a single CPoint off the dilithium exchange, this restriction really doesn't exist. Makes you wonder why they bothered with it at all, doesn't it? Also, they point out, the restriction is also lifted upon buying something form the C-store, but since to buy something you need to have a CPoint balance I guess the webteam copywriter gets paid by the word.)

Your inventory will not shrink. If you had more than 72 inventory slots on some characters due to rank, you keep all of those on those characters, but simply won't gain any more at future level-ups. Also, any inventory slots you bought as unlocks on the Cstore remain as well. Since both ranks and Cstore inventory unlocks are character bound, if you delete a character, and create another, that one starts square one and will not be able to pass 72 without you buying the upgrades.

I'm not sure whether a character you leveled on a silver account, would get all the missed rank-up rewards a gold player would've gotten retroactively, when you resub for a month. I don't think that one's in the matrix either, so you'll probably need a moderator or customer service to answer that one for you...
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02-10-2012, 09:31 AM
Thanks for the answer !

Very very clarifying.

So... i guess i will evalutate if it's a better bargain getting 1500 cryptic or a month of gold (for example) and than do it in consequence.

Thank you very much.

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