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# 1 Cruiser PvP build help please!
02-10-2012, 10:30 AM
Hiya! Just need somebody to tweak my build of my Odyssey. Heres the thing, i can tank rather well, in my opinion, but I dont feel i do enough dps when I should. Once the other side figures out that im just a slow moving wall in space that isnt a real threat, they focus on my squishy team mates. Heres my build:

2x X Antiproton Beam Arrays (R)
1x XI Antiproton Beam Array (VR)
1x XI Hargh'peng Torpedo

3x X Antiproton Beam Arrays (R)
1x XI Antiproton Beam Array (VR)

Running the Aeigis set

Subspace Field Modulator

2x XI EPS Flow Regulators (R)
1x X Ablative Hull Armor (VR)
1x X SIF Generator (R)
1x Assimilated console
1x XI Field Generator (R)
1x XI Shield Emitter (R)
2x XI Antiproton Mag Regulators (U)

Thats that for equipment. I'm in the process of overhauling the junk and upgrading what needs to be, but any suggestions would be helpful. Also, should i still go for the MACO set? After the last nerf ive been hearing/reading a lot of complaining about it, so im not to sure on that front. As for skills:

Tac Team 1

Aux to Structural 1
Eng Team 3

Eng Team 1

HE 1
Trans Shield Str 1

And thats that for my skills. Thoughts? Opinions? Options? Thanks for looking this over too ^0^

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