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# 1 Can't Post to Exchange
02-10-2012, 11:25 AM
Last night I bought and sold through the Exchange without issues - other than lag. Today, I can't sell anything. I can only buy.

I ranged my prices to be very close, both above and below the minimum.

For example, I posted 1 Unknown Alloy for 800. Low price showing after a couple hours is 975. Mine isn't there and isn't sold.

I posted 2 (1 ea) Alien Artifact for 1200 each. Current search shows 1 for 1000 and 1 for 1500. Mine isn't there and isn't sold.

I have other postings, also. I wanted to show that I have both the low price and slightly higher price while neither shows. None of it is showing up though I show them on the Sell post-page.

What's the issue? What's the fix? What should I be doing to correct this? The exchange worked just fine until this morning.

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