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A quick Preface: I am trying to show how Lotto-Boxes could be done fairly and still profitably, it is important to know that every item I propose in the following Lotto-Boxes have equivalent drop chances to the other items in the box, which are a matter of simple math to work out.

VA/LG Ship Salvage Box:

The War has been waging for a few years, and more than a few ships from both sides have been crippled, evacuated, and left to drift. Ghost ships, devoid of living crew, but full of each Factions technology, left in the voids of space that held their last moments. A number of these ships have been salvaged on each side, repaired, and given to select Captains for use in the war. Even some from the other side.

Each Box has the chance to give you a LG/VA ship. No matter what ships you have or don't have, every VA/LG ship is possible to attain via Ship Salvage Box. if you already have that particular ship on that character, the Ship-item in your inventory will not be usable, but it can be traded or sold on the Exchange.

Each Box will drop one of the following:
  • Exploration Cruiser Retrofit
  • Long-Range Science Vessel retrofit
  • Tactical Escort Retrofit
  • Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit
  • Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit
  • Multi-Vector Advanced Escort
  • Marauder Patrol Cruiser
  • Kar'Fi Battle Carrier
  • Varanus Fleet Support Vessel
  • B'Rel Bird of Prey Retrofit
  • Jem'Hadar Attack Ship
  • Galor Class Cruiser

Price: 1300 C-Points. 8.3% Drop Chance per Item.

Away Team Field Kit Box:

Away Teams are the quintessential front-line explorers and strike teams employed by both the Federation and the Klingon Empire. keeping them well-equipped is in the survival intrest of the Away-Teams, their Commanding Officers, and their governments at large. With one of these Field Kits, you can equip an entire way team. If the gear isn't suited to your tastes, then you can always trade it away or sell it on the Exchange. *Note: Items with [Borg] Modifiers will not drop from Away Team Field Kit Boxes.

Each box will contain five items from each category:

Personal Shields:
  • Very Rare Mk X Personal Shields with random Modifiers.
  • Rare Mk XI Personal Shields with random Modifiers.
  • Uncommon Mk XII Personal Shields with random Modifiers.
Body Armor:
  • Very Rare Mk X Body Armor with random Modifiers.
  • Rare Mk XI Body Armor with random Modifiers.
  • Uncommon Mk XII Body Armor with random Modifiers.
Ground Weapons:
  • Very Rare Mk X Ground Weapons of any type with random Modifiers.
  • Rare Mk XI Ground Weapons of any type with random Modifiers.
  • Uncommon Mk XII Ground Weapons of any type with random Modifiers.
Price: 1400 C-Points. Low (>1%) chance of getting any specific item, but you're getting five from each category (Ground Shields, Body Armor, and Ground Weapons).

Ship Refit/Retrofit Console Requisition:

As Ships wear out and technology advances, oftentimes new ships take their place, but sometimes, necessity requires that older vessels be refitted, sometime several times, in order to be put back into service. Many times, these refits include updates to old technologies and new technologies that take the place of truly obsolete systems, or are put in places previously reserved for technology which has since been simplified or simply made smaller and more efficient. Now, you can get your hands on these updated and refined technologies and specialized consoles. If you get one you already have, the item-box it comes in will be trade-able and sell-able on the Exchange.

Each Ship Refit/Retrofit Console Requisition Box will drop one of the following:
  • Quad Phaser Cannons
  • Graviton Pulse Generator
  • Magnetometric Generator
  • Point Defense System
  • Ionized Gas Sensor
  • Impulse Capacitance Cell
  • Nadeon Detonator Module
  • Tachyon Detection Field
  • Cloaking Device
  • Bio-Neural Warhead
  • Subspace Jump console
  • Quad Disruptor Cannons
  • Tachyon Drones
  • Orion Interceptors
  • Theta Radiation Vent console
  • Plasmonic Leech console
  • Aceton Assimilator console
  • Barrier Field Generator
  • Transwarp Computer
  • Isometric Charge Module
  • Photonic Displacer Module
  • Antimatter Spread Module
  • Enhanced Plasma Manifold
  • Tachyon Detection Grid console
  • Grappler console
  • Advanced Transwarp Drive console
  • Repair Platform Console

Price: 350 C-Points. 3.7% drop chance per item.

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