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# 1 Science builds?
02-10-2012, 06:56 PM
So I've determined that after doing pitiful amounts of damage that I suck at shield drain torpedo spam build or need a ton more practice at it. Thus I'm looking for examples of good science builds for LRSV-R please. Tweaks or buidls for for RSV and DSV would help more people too I guess.


LT Tac- tac team 1, high yield 2(?)
LT Eng- EPTS 1, EPTS 2
CM Sci- tractor beam1, TSS2,tachybeam 3,CPB3
LTCM Sci- haz em, tss2, CPB2(switch for tachybeam 3?)
ENS Sci- haz em

5 photon torps, 3 front 2 back with a beam array in the last slot(switch to near all BA and use 2 EPS consoles maybe?), using 2 particle gen consoles.

Got a green tractor beam shield drain doff doesn't seem to do much though.

I'm guessing for a gravity well build I just take grav well 1 and 3 on the cm sci and load a couple of aftershock grav well doffs and replace the cpb with PSW? Point and shoot as escort or crossheal spam cruiser seems much easier to do but I want a decent setup on my sci.

So tips,pointers,etc please.

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