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To all those who may use or will use Tridef 3D ingition with AMD HD3D technology there is a glitch
where if you launch Star Trek Online from Tridef's 3D Ignition panel to get the game to display
in 3D Stereo Scopic mode the launch console window will appear white is the symptom.

The bug is related to Windows Internet Explorer 9 has not been made compatible
with Tridef's software and 3D Ignitiion. The work around is to continue to use IE8 or uninstall
IE9. You no longer have to uninstall IE9.

The work around is bleeow and confirmed by Tridef and myself:

In regedit, go to


add a DWORD "Star Trek Online.exe" = 0

Good luck and live long and prosper.

If you dont what the this thread is referring to. Then here's the lowdown.
AMD HD3D was introduce in October 2010 which allwed users of Radeon 6X series cards
with 3DTV's that supported HDMI 1.4a to have stereoscopic 3d. Tridef www.ddd.com is a third
party 3D driver that with the 3D TV, Radeon 6X series card you would be able to play your games in Stereoscopic 3D even if it wasn't suppoerted natively.

The technology has been glitchy and recently is becomeing a very stable platform.
Star Trek online has a DDD profile in it to allow stereoscopic 3D in star trek so if you have a 3D TV.,
A Radeon 6X or higher series card *I hear 5X is workin now* then you would be able to play with active shutter glasses and play in 3D. This is not the same as 3D graphics . 3D stereoscopic modes require
a very powerful system as it has two streams of date one for the right eye and one for the left eye. It
creates a shift in the image so when you use the active shutter glasses the imgae appears in 3D popping
out of the monitor and its really cool.

Recently AMD released crossfire support and Tridef is now adding that support to this.
So I'd say if you've ben waiting for this technology to stablizlie that moment is now.
Crosffire works great and STO images in stereoscopic mode are breath taking.

I hope you find this post useful in making STO work with stereoscopic 3D but pushes you
to want one also. I cant tell you enough how cool it is and its no gimmick. It makes things just come alive in STar Trek and is truly awesome.


James t kirk

really TRavis

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