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# 1 PvP-exclusive gear set
02-10-2012, 09:20 PM
What: Gear like the Borg, MACO, KHG, etc sets that are obtained exclusively via PvP. This set(s?) should be superior or equal to the currently available STF gear.

Why: A multitude of reasons:
  1. Cryptic has continually and consistently said that PWE is comitted to PvP and wants to make it better. A gear set is an excellent way to do entice more people to PvP.
  2. PvP is an excellent way to improve the overall skill level of players and will help the community become more knowledgeable of gameplay mechanics and tactics.
  3. Despite the protest from the community, Cryptic seems intent on bringing out more P2W ships and consoles. There's no better place to utilize these than PvP. By getting more people to PvP via gear sets, you'd be giving people more a reason to use the C-Store ships and equipment.
  4. PvP has been ignored for far too long. At this point, a few maps and a new game type isn't enough.
  5. STFs aren't challenging at all*. PvP is far more challenging, giving you a true sense of 'earning' the gear instead of just mashing spacebar.
  6. With MACO/KHG/Omega, you're grinding the same 3 STFs over and over again. The same 3 that we've had forever now. PvP is a constantly changing environment; there are no two identical matches. By having PvP gear sets, you eliminate the grind and sheer boredom that you get from doing the same thing over and over again. PvP experiences are always fresh.
  7. It's unfair for those of us that exclusively PvP to have to grind PvE to remain competitive since these sets are so much better than the 'standard' stuff.

How: This part is a bit more challenging. How should you earn these sets? Wins? Losses? Score? DPS? Heals? Number of matches played? There are advantages and disadvantages to each of those possibilities. Personally, I'd suggest having to complete X number of matches with more kills (and assists) than deaths.

When: Preferably, ASAP. Though Cryptic has said that PvP will finally be getting some attention (I'll believe it when I see it) during Season 6, so more gear would be an awesome addition for that Season.

What about it be like?: Nothing insane, obviously, as balance as key. Maybe more procs and such that are catered towards PvP. Lowering Shield Damage Resistance, Defense, etc etc.

*STFs aren't challenging. Seriously. On Elite, all you have to do is have the slightest bit of coordination. "Hey guys, I'm about to drop the Tac Cubes shields. Get ready to give it your all in 5 seconds." "Hey guys, let's all blow the Generators at the same time so we don't have to worry about Nanite Shields." Or, my favorite, just sit 9.5KM away from the Gateways, set weapons to autofire, and go AFK. People from the OPvP channel did STFs in T2 ships. We blaze through Elite STFs with our PvP set ups (a lot of us don't even use torps) in < 10 minutes.

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