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Hey guys well i'll admit that i'm not a Star Trek fanboy but as an artist i love the concept and idea of the universe, heck when i was younger i'd design schematics/blueprints for my own starships lol.

Anyway i'm about to become Captain and i really don't know which ship would best suit me I always loved the DEFIANT and Intrepid class, you know ships that are tightly packed together not ones that have flimsy (excuse the term) looking pylons (don't hit me but ships like the Constitution class for example).

So i'm really stuck between Defiant, Intrepid and possibly the Galaxy, but only if it is going to be suitable for me.

I'm a tactical officer and i'd just like to have a moderately balanced ship... I did start out with a science vessel but i started to dislike the designs, silly i know lol. It just bugs me that i may not be able to have much of a crew and such all because i like the look of a starship and i don't want to be stuck with one that i don't like so much just to help me progress in the game either because it has a higher crew compliment and hull integrity, etc.

I'd also like to choose the right ship so that i'd at least be happy going back to it now and then and not just have it sitting there taking up space. I did always love ENTERPRISE NX-01 but at my level it'd be pointless to use it in combat. I do intend to make a refit of whichever ship i decide to go with which is why it's also very important because i'd be using a little real life money (i also want to buy uniforms lol).

So could anybody please advise me? I did read each information given to each class but one just seems to make it look better than the others i'm trying to decide on xD


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