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# 1 2800 - More Bugs
02-11-2012, 05:04 PM
Dialogue Bug:

ID #1,281,869.

After spending litearlly 3 hours trying to get the right Gorn dialogue, the Cardassian's [Mission Complete] Dialogue is greyed out and there is no way to get all 4 to cooperate.

EDITED: 1 Hour became 3 Hours.

Cryptic, I can confirm it is repeatable that if you do all the Mission Objectives for the Diplomats as a KDF, then in the discussion starting with the Gorn and getting him to agree, the Cardassian's [Mission Objective] is Greyed out as were the others.

Honestly not sure if this was on Purpose where you either could only side with the Gorn and not the others or siding with the others and not the Gorn.

If it is a bug, please look into it.

MAJOR BUG 2: KDF Does not unlock the new Crafting Recipes.

ID #1,282,024

Got the Nanostream Technology on this same character and the new recipes are NOT showing in the R&D window. Confirmed other KDF that unlocked, do not have it as well.

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