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So I've been trying to update the game since the latest patch on the 9th. I let it run for about two hours on the 9th but closed it because I didn't have time, then yesterday I opened the launcher at 7 AM and it was at 6% at 6 PM. That's 11 hours and it only downloaded 21.5 MB. That's simply not acceptable. Today, I've been running the update for over four hours and it's only downloaded another ten megs.

EDIT: It's been a few more hours and it's up to 22.6 megs. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
2nd EDIT: I let it run overnight and it's done. But It shouldn't have taken that long.

I have a gold subscription that I can't even use. I've spent hundreds on C-Points. How can you justify having such weak servers that they can't even support a simple update? What is preventing you from upgrading your servers? Don't tell me it is due to lack of money, because I know that is not true. With as many players as STO has, there is no way you can't afford better servers.

Maybe I'm just ticked off at Cryptic for all this recent ******** they've been spitting out. Vox announcements I can live with, D-Store link on the mini-map I can live with. Lack of updates to the exchange, I tolerate. ****** map design, I tolerate. I will not tolerate not being able to log into a game that I've put hundreds of dollars into. I like this game, I really do, I just don't like what Cryptic and PWE are doing to the game. Please don't ruin this game for me.

I'm sure a lot of people will agree that this is a time to be more concerned about the future of STO than ever before.

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