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02-11-2012, 06:29 PM
Originally Posted by Jeslyn
The Warp Scale does not apply to Slipstream travel as the ship moves outside of the quantum barrier while using it. In other words, it places the ship somewhat outside of normal space-time.
if they measured how far you traveled and how long it took, you could figure out what warp factor you would have had to travel at to make the same trip. as far as warp 10 goes, you could be so fast that you could go from 1 side to the universe to the other in 1 second, and that still wouldn't be faster then warp 10.

Originally Posted by TE5LA View Post
Did you not look at the item? I got this when STO first launched. And I am going 27.40 in a Cruiser and my Driver Coil skill is only at 5.

And regardless whether or not the "Warp factor" is accurate scientifically, you get across sector space a lot faster.
yes i looked at it, thats why i called bs on the whole faster then warp 10 thing. whatever that thing was at launch, its something different now. you might have got some dev fast travel thing by accident, and it became some slipstream item, at launch slip stream was not yet programed and did not exist in game.

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