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Welcome to Star Trek Online! We are Task Force Resurrected. Comprised of Battlegroup MACO, the Nekekami, the Aggressors (Our KDF Fleet), an introductory Academy Fleet, and the 1279th Tactical Battle Fleet - formerly known as the Hyperion Fleet, and the oldest continually serving Fleet in the Federation! - the Task Force is always looking for new talent. Are you looking to become a Field Medic? Maybe a Combat Engineer, or a Special Forces Operative? Then the MACOs are for you! Maybe starship command is more your speed? Well, the 1279th is ALWAYS recruiting new Captains. Perhaps you're more into intrigue, or even Diplomacy... Maybe you're just sneaky by nature! The "Spirit Cats," or Nekekami, could be your new home.

All new members are invited to join the Academy, and receive help in learning the game, as well as gaining help in leveling, and our Bank is well stocked. Upon reaching Captain, you will have your choice of Fleet to join.

So, check us out! Speak to @Gundancer, @TFR_John, or @TFR_MACO_Specialist for recruitment info.

May you live long... And prosper.

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