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# 1 Change the Fleet actions
02-12-2012, 12:40 PM
I know a lot of people were asking for the longest time for a queue system for fleet actions, but I have found that since implementation, they are almost never played! The ability to earn the accolade and floor trophy is now almost impossible unless you have afew players you trust implicitly! While it was a nice concept, and is very useful for those who want private instances, they need a major fix. I propose two solutions:

The first is to restore the open instance fleet actions where one flys to the system, and enters the instance that is already open. There should ALWAYS be one at the lowest level avalable that can be accessed by ALL players of every level.

THe second option, is to be able to launch a private instance while flying solo, with the option to invite other players whil still running, and the option to turn a currently private instance into an open instance. For example, if I was playing the Mine Field Fleet action with my KDF officer, I would grind through the mission until I got to the Jupiter Dreadnaught. I would then open it up to all commers to help defeat it. Conversly, I would jump into other version to help other players complete the mission and earn the floor trophy.

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