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After testing out multiple fleets I have to come to a conclusion and based a way for a worthy fleet to recruit me being that I only am out to do one thing play STO.

So here are some of my reasons I would not be interested in particular fleets just so there is no broken hearts if I were to say no. First off anyone who is on my ignore list has done something to go out of their way to get on it. That being said I would not join a fleet with people on my ignore list as members. Another is I am here to play STO so I would not join a fleet with 50+ members(all fleets I have encountered that were not keeping their numbers low for quality purposes are not very good fleets imo). Also I am a veteran player but being I like to play the game I am not your crafter or new player trainer (might not sound nice but thats what people demand and I don't deal well with people thinking I am their subordinate in their little army... I do what I want when I want). Thats pretty much it for the things I would not want to be involved with.

As for what I am into is first and foremost a fleet of Veteran players who are on the same playing caliber as myself and are self sufficient as in not needy. As mentioned above small but yet enough people who can get enough people fielded for missions (mostly STF's). The biggest thing of all is people that KNOW how to play the game and are quality people with exceptional attitude that know when the time to joke is and when not too and over all else real ST Fans that are here to have fun (I just come across a lot of fleets and people who are here more to make this not fun than to have fun).

That pretty much sums it up but feel free to mail or send me a tell if you think you have a fleet that fits what I am trying to find and I'd do a trial of teaming up with your fleet for a few weeks and if I found them satisfactory then I would have a few characters join. If there is any doubt that this is not what I am looking for then I would graciously request so that no one gets their feelings hurt to not waste my time or yours.

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