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This is my first time posting here, so be gentle!

It's hard not to love the Guramba. It has a fancy animation, one of the most unique looks in the game, fires a gigantic laser... the list goes on and on. I fell in love with the ship when I bought it and wanted to squeeze every last inch of power out of the ship that I could.

I've been testing tons of builds, layouts and playstyles on the Guramba over the past couple weeks, and I feel I'm finally confident enough to share this build with all of you. The guiding principle is that you're abusing every trick in the book to keep all your critical ship power levels at outrageous highs, making you nigh-invincible if you play your cards right.

I should probably add a disclaimer that this build requires some consoles available on C-store ships. Some you can omit; some you really can't. I'll mention which below. I've left out things in the build spec that don't really matter to the main principle behind the build (like what mods to use on your weapons.)

Hopefully you'll find this build as fun as I have!


Eng captain

Guramba Siege Destroyer


Fore: Disruptor DHC x4
Deflector: Honor Guard (has +flwc)
Impulse: Honor Guard
Shields: Honor Guard
Aft: Disruptor turrets x3
Devices: Red Matter Cap, Subspace Mod
Eng consoles: Plasmonic Leech (from Vandal Dest), Aceton Assim (from Draguas), Assim Module
Sci consoles: Field Gen, Flow Capacitor
Tac consoles: Disruptor x4


Com tac: Tac Team 1, CSV 1, CRF 2, CRF 3
Lt com tac: Tac Team 1, AP Beta, Ap Omega
En eng: EPTS 1
Lt sci: HE 1, TSS 2


The idea is to control your power levels and drain your target's power levels, enhancing your performance and crippling theirs. You use your buffs and passive bonuses to keep your weapons and shields power so high that you can redirect base power to your engines. This gets around the reduced turn rate and speed that comes with Siege Mode, and allows you to still fly around like a bat out of hell.

1) I set my power levels to 65/55/55/25. Depending on your skill points, you should tweak these levels to get a set of settings that works for you.

2) Siege Mode should be on, all the time. It adds 10 to weapon power and 5 to shields. Don't use your javelin unless you're showboating or need a big hit. The transformation time is a loss of damage and you'll lose the power level bonuses.

3) You should be chaining EPTS, CRF and Tac Team constantly. I find it helpful to bind all these to the same button together with Fire All and Distribute Shields so I can just mash it and get most of my buffs going.

4) In combat, pick your target and start firing. Use your engineering captain buffs: Nadion Inversion and EPS Transfer. When EPS Transfer is on cooldown hit your Red Matter Capacitor. For 50 seconds you'll basically have 125 power on weapons, shields AND engines. Your Plasmonic Leech console will contribute heavily to this.

5) The Aceton Assimilator is used to drain your target's power levels. Spam it whenever possible and in range.

6) When your engineering captain buffs are all on cooldown, you should STILL have 125 power to weapons and shields. Your engine power will drop to around 95. You'll still be tanky as all hell and you'll still hit like a truck.

Options for the floating slot

DEM - more damage.
Eng team - hull heal.
RSP - OH ****! button.


If you have or are considering getting a Guramba, please try this out! I'm happy to get any feedback on improving this build.

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