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So, what do we know so far about the upcoming episodes? I thought i'd create a thread to assemble the knowledge we have, and speculate on what we don't.


We know from the first episode ("Second Wave") that delegates from Starfleet, Cardassia, Defera and Qo'noS have gathered to discuss the threat posed by the Borg. Once they are united, a whole mess of Dominion ships come screaming out of the wormhole. While we evacuate, ships move to protect Bajor.


At Bajor, I saw Federation and Klingon vessels, but no Cardassians? Did anyone else see them?

We know that they Enterprise-F supposedly has something to do with the FE. My guess is that it leads the charge to drive the Dominion back into the Gamma Quadrant.

Why is the Dominion coming back after all this time? We can assume that the Dominion force is the fleet that vanished during Operation Return. What does this have to do with the Jem'Hadar fighters that were turning up abandoned during the Winter Package fiasco?

Despite having few resources, the Deferi were inexplicably present at the conference. Defera has been under attack by the Breen since the last FE. What does this mean for the Breen? Will they try to ally themselves with the Dominion again, with the Federation, Cardassians, Klingon and Romulans opposed?

This is perhaps the most exciting thing to happen in STO since the apparently aborted attempt at making the Borg a real threat. If the devs wanted to, they could make two whole FEs out of this, or even open up an entirely new front for level progression


Its almost certain that we're getting a Jem'Hadar Boff, as evidenced by the dropping of consumable Ketracel White that has different effects when consumed by Jem'Hadar. This will probably be restricted to the first run, like the Breen and Reman Boffs.

We also seem to be getting a Jem'Hadar lolground set, including a personal cloak. The info on the rifle mission reward for Second Wave indicates that it is part of a 3-part set. This set will probably stay after the first run, like the Breen set or the Reman shields. There aren't any ground sets available outside of grinding STFs, so this is nice to see, even though lolground is largely irrelevant to the game as a whole.

I would love to see a Master Key as either a reward or very rare drop, but I doubt those petaQ at PWE would let that happen. Maybe a Gold Box, instead, during the first run.

All in all, I'm more excited about STO than i've ever been, especially now that the Year of (development) Hell is over.

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